Why choose Mia’s Aromatherapy Bodacious Beard Oil?

January 06, 2018

Why choose Mia’s Aromatherapy Bodacious Beard Oil?

Many men decide to participate in “No Shave November” only to find that this is a personal style that sticks.

Why choose Mia’s Aromatherapy Bodacious Beard Oil over others on the market?

Our beard oil:

  • Contains quality natural ingredients that soften course beard hair to improve manageability, including: Jojoba, Evening Primrose and Rosehip Fruit oils
  • Incorporates aromatherapy essential oil blends for holistic benefit – formulated by a certified aromatherapist
  • Is Free from parabens, phthalates and fragrances
  • Smells GREAT, providing a subtle aroma that lasts a long time

Where do you find our beard oil?

  • Kellers Farm Stores – 6100H Coors BLVD NW - ABQ
  • La Montanita Co-op – 913 West Alameda – Santa Fe
  • Online


Recent review: “…
Beard Oil:
I really enjoy the scent!  While strong at first, it dissipates over time leaving remnants of Cedar and Patchouli reminding me of the great outdoors.  I might mute the patchouli slightly but over all the scent is great!  The oil is a good density and actually added some body to my beard (this is good!).  It’s given my beard a nice sheen and made it very soft.  In conclusion, I really like the beard oil and would recommend it to my friends.  Nice Job!

The wash is fantastic! It lathers very well and the scent reminds me of a high-end spa.  After using the wash my beard feels clean, revitalized, and healthy.  In conclusion, this wash is awesome!!

I haven’t used the mustache wax yet (I just haven’t had a need to style my mustache) but will let you know when I do.  Thanks again for letting me review your products they are fantastic!!”



Read more on managing that Bodacious Beard in our “The More You Know” blog.


Photo Courtesy of Pexels

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