The empowered person creates a better life for themselves, lifts others up, and works to protect our future.

We are a committed to supporting:

  • Local area victims of domestic violence, including the homeless.
  • Local area high school art, education and sports through artisan events and special projects.

Mia’s Botanicals will donate 0.05% of the purchase price from your eligible purchases on our entire website at no cost to you.*

In addition, you have the option of purchasing aromatherapy personal care items on this Bloom Box Charities collection that will go directly to the clients of the shelter identified in the activity calendar below. Note items purchased from this collection will go to the clients and will not be shipped to you. Similar items may be found in other collections on our website, if you wish to purchase them for yourself.

It is important to all of us here at Mia’s Botanicals, to make an impact on the community that we are so lucky to be a part of.

Fund raising activity calendar:

Mia’s Botanicals To learn more, see the current Mia's Botanicals Community Impact Report

* 0.5% Contribution Details:

Excludes sale of items in the Bloom Box Charity Collection, as there is a donation pre loaded with the reduced pricing.

The purchase price is the amount paid for the item minus any rebates and excluding shipping & handling  or taxes. You may also choose to purchase personal care items that will go directly to the charity, in addition to our donation.

From time to time, we may offer special, limited time promotions that increase the donation amount on one or more products or services or provide for additional donations to charitable organizations. Special terms and restrictions may apply. Please see the relevant promotion for complete details.

 Photo courtesy of Jordan Whitt of Unsplash

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