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Our Story, the Soul of Mia’s Botanicals

Over a decade ago, our household committed to seeking more natural personal care products and embraced aromatherapy as additions to our wellness routine. We had become increasingly alarmed at the types of ingredients that were used in many of the popular personal care products and their potential effects. I began researching the therapeutic benefits of essential oils and the healing and protective properties of natural oils and butters. With a new found understanding, I focused on formulating aromatherapy personal care products for our family and close circle of friends. The response was overwhelming. The soul of Mia’s Botanicals was born! 

As a life-long naturalist, I have always felt the comfort and benefits of connectedness with nature. I truly believe that we must remain connected to nature in order to truly flourish and have found many others feel the same. This love of nature is what has inspired me to be a life-long student of aromatherapy.

Upon earning my Holistic Aromatherapy certification, I began blending essential oils to provide holistic support for physical, psychological and energetic well-being. Combining my essential oil blends with quality ingredients for personal care creates a synergistic effect that nourishes and supports your whole constitution.

As this journey continues to unfold, I have come to realize that my gift for essential oil formulation is transcending Mia’s Botanicals into a very personal healing space for people seeking support through aromatherapy. There is a personal story and conscious intent behind each blend that I have formulated. Providing blends that support wellness of body, mind and spirit through aromatherapy, is my passion. Many clients have commented on my ability to touch their hearts and spirits through my formulations.

Aromatherapy is a very personal experience. I see myself as the facilitator of relationships with essential oils. I take great pride in formulating essential oil blends for clients that can be used in different methods to provide aromatherapy support safely.

Traveling down a dirt road less traveled to find more natural aromatherapy and personal care solutions as part of our wellness routine is the most significant and gratifying thing that we have ever done.

Mia’s has empowered us to live a more natural lifestyle through aromatherapy and personal care that supports the mind, body and spirit. I hope that you find yours in Mia’s aromatherapy and personal care products too.


Karin Frost-Madrid

Certified Holistic Aromatherapist and Founder of Mia’s Botanicals & Gifts

“Of all the paths you take in life, make sure a few of them are dirt” - John Muir

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