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Karin Frost-Madrid, owner

Karin Frost-Madrid

Certified Holistic Aromatherapist and Founder of Mia’s Botanicals & Gifts

I have spent my life connected with nature from romping in the magnificent New Mexico desert on horseback as a child, to protecting and conserving our wild lands throughout the west as an adult. My reason for exploring natural aromatherapy was to take the next step in my family’s wellness routine by replacing traditional personal care products with more natural options that supported the entire personal constitution. I personally saw dramatic results during the use of these aromatherapy products and continue to explore with vigor. I truly believe that in order to flourish, we must remain connected to nature. Aromatherapy, captures the essence of nature, supporting that connection. Aromatherapy coupled with natural ingredients empowers us to move toward a more healthful well-being.

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Marketing Consultant

Sky Frost

Visual Design Consultant
Divine Dizine

I support your customer’s journey in a visually intuitive manner, while bringing consistency to your brand.  I create concepts and layouts, and produce images (photography) for you to create or enhance your brand. To learn more about Sky, go to http://divinedizine.com/.

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Newsletters Contributors

Acazia Gilmore, DOM
Doctor of Oriental Medicine
Tree of Life Integrative Medicine

Acazia Gilmore is a Doctor of Oriental Medicine with background in western and eastern herbal medicine.

She grew up within a home environment that used plant medicine and herbs as a part of regular health care. She was infused from a very young age with an understanding that health was rooted in the relationship of mind, body and spirit.

She incorporates Traditional Japanese Acupuncture, herbal medicine, nutrition and the Arvigo techniques of Mayan Abdominal Therapy into her practice. She is passionate about helping people discover how they can use herbal medicine and foods as a way to care for themselves.

In her own words: “My hope is that through each treatment I make a difference in the health of the patient and therefore increase the overall health of the community.” To learn more about Acazia, go to www.treeoflifesantafe.com.  



David Lopez

David Lopez
Beekeeper, Adobe Bee Farm

David was introduced to beekeeping by Les Crowder, author of Top-Bar Beekeeping: Organic Practices for Honeybee Health. David started with two top-bar beehives and remembers how mesmerized he was watching the bees everyday enter and leave the hive just as beautifully and powerfully as clouds subtly move across our skies. David very quickly fell in love with how softly the bees foraged from early morning all the way to sunset, visiting flowers and tending to their colonies - all the while unaware of their vital contribution to so many necessities humans enjoy in our world.

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Newsletters Contributors

Cynthia Nero
C-IAYT Yoga Therapist
Healing Yoga Therapy

Cynthia helps postmenopausal women recover from chronic pelvic pain so they can get their life back, regain confidence and joy, free from pain and limitations. Cynthia is a yoga teacher and therapist and integrative nutrition health coach with 30 years of experience. She is the author of The Everything Yoga Book and Yoga Poses to Shift Your State of Mind.

In her own words: “My mission is to help you experience optimum wellness through Yoga Therapy– a science-based, holistic approach that complements the practice of Western Medicine. To learn more about Cynthia, go to www.cynthianero.com.



Newsletters Contributors

Nicole Oke

Nicole is an aspiring author who is passionate about making emotional and social intelligence understandable and practical for adults and children. She does this through sharing information and educating adults about how to use emotional intelligence and how to support their kid's social emotional development.

She believes the world would be a more accepting and compassionate place if we all understood and practiced emotional intelligence!! 





Hailey Frost

Hailey Frost

My name is Hailey Frost. I am a biologist, bee lover, plant eater, and an advocate for Mother Earth. I capture the world from a different perspective, giving people an insight of what I believe to be valuable and beautiful.






Sky Frost - AffiliateSky Frost

She is a sun chasing, world wandering, tree hugging, plant eating, human being. She loves reconnecting to the natural flow of life whether that’s through a walk in nature, mindful living or Mia’s Botanicals. See More