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Garden Club

Mia’s Garden Club Information

Mia’s Garden Club is designed for individuals who have decided to enhance their daily lives with aromatherapy personal care that supports the mind, body and spirit. The intention behind this club is to:

To enroll, email us at GardenClub@miabotanicals.com requesting membership into the Mia's Garden Club. 

Petal Points Loyalty Program- You can accrue points for every purchase you make, including local retailers. You get 1 point for each dollar spent and can cash those points in for credit on our online store as well as discount coupons for your favorite store! To obtain petal points for local store purchases, please provide us with date, location and total product price through email to GardenClub@miasbotanicals.com:

How your points accumulate:

$5.00 discount

200 points

$10.00 discount

400 points

$25.00 discount

1,000 points


You will receive your Petal Points loyalty coupon once a year around February or March from the folks at Mia’s.