Laundry Detergent Strips


Super concentrated laundry strip sheets formulated with plant enzymes for extra cleaning power. Each strip contains the amount of detergent required for one load of laundry. The strip dissolves completely in hot or cold water. Works in all washing machines, including HE. Safe for hand washing and septic systems.

Free from plastics, parabens, phosphates, added dyes, chlorine bleach, 1,4 dioxane, SLS, animal products and formaldehyde. Biodegradable. Sustainable. Vegan. Cruelty free.

Each envelop of 36-strips prevents a 1-liter plastic jug from entering the landfill.


  1. Remove a sheet from the envelop
  2. Tear the sheet in half along the perforated line (for regular load of laundry)
  3. Tear the strip into smaller pieces and scatter throughout your laundry directly in the drum of the washer.


Vegetable Glycerin, PVA, Starch, Surfactant Cleaning Agents (Alpha Olefin Sulfate, Fatty Alcohol Polyoxyethylene Ether, Sodium Fatty Acid Methanesulfonate), Glycereth cocate, Protease Enzyme, Bentonite, Deionized Water, Scent (scented strips only).