Bodacious Aromatherapy Beard Care Sampler


A great way to try our aromatherapy beard care products in multiple aromablends. Let your nose decide.  Makes a great gift too!

Each sampler comes with three (3) Bodacious Aromatherapy Beard Oil (10 ml).

Our natural aromatherapy beard oils are formulated for a light sent and to provide ample conditioning for a smooth and well-groomed look  with the added aromatherapy effect that we are all longing for. Free from added Parabens or Phthalates.

Grounding: Cedro Rojo | Vitality, Thrive | Flourish and Tranquil | Relax

Uplifting: Esprit | Clarity, Primal Impulse | Warm and Reflection | Introspect 

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Bodacious Aromatherapy Beard Oil

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