What They are Saying

What They Are Saying About Mia’s Botanicals

 "I've also rather enjoyed using Mia's Botanicals beard oil and extremely easy to carry moustache wax." Christopher, New Mexico.

"Best products and American made!" Brenda, New Mexico

“Love these products!” Vivian, New Mexico

“If you haven’t tried their incredible aromatherapy products your surly missing out! Your body will love you more for it we promise!” Sky, Washington State

“Love all of these wonderful products. Thank you so much!” Terri, Idaho

"My lips, feet and hands have never been happier!  Thank you!!” Kelly, Idaho


Aromatherapy Lotion Bar:


Primo Mustache Wax:

" I LOVE mine!!" Maggie, New Mexico

 “We live in a cold and dry winter climate and hands are always dry. My mother has the most trouble with dry cracked hands, so I bought her a lotion bar. She uses it on dry areas of her face as well. Our family swear by the amazing effects of these bars and they are in a tin that makes taking with you easy.”  Katrina, Idaho

 “I've been using Mia's Botanicals products for four years.  The lotion bars are one of my favorites.  I have very dry skin, and the rich, moisturizing formula is just what I need.  The bars are perfect for traveling too.  Much easier than trying to pack enough of a liquid lotion.  Great for hands and nails.  The aromatherapy benefits are an added value.” Maria, New Mexico


"Primo Moustache Wax" is Right!

I have to admit that I was skeptical of this product when I received it a few months ago. I held of using it because I was doubtful that a twisting mechanically dispensing wax could serve my desired purposes. I expected it to be a gag gift for people who love moustache culture or a simple gimmick.

I Was Dead Wrong.

I finally began using the product and realized how solid it is.

I prefer to sport a large, natural, bushy Handlebar Moustache through most of the year and I found this product supports that desire.

Its easy to use. Initially using my index finger and thumb as heating elements I generously spread the wax throughout my clean stache. I then use a comb and warm hair dryer to shape my stache into desired Handlebar.

It holds well throughout the day and the convenient packaging promotes on the go touchups if necessary. The hold is surprisingly and definitely reliable and solid, and that's a big plus in this dry New Mexico desert heat!

The wax doesn't leave much of a residue on the fingers after use and is really easy to wash off with warm water and soap. The wax is just that easy to wash out of the moustache the next day too!

I like the Cedro Rojo scent. It's subtle. Not overwhelming but persistent and pleasant.

I am definitely using this product in the future and am excited to try the other scents Mias has available.”  Christopher, New Mexico (Duke City Bristlers)

Deep Moisture Crème


Lovely Locks Shampoo

"Love how my skin feels after I use this cream! Fantastic great product Mia😍" Sue, Idaho.

"Love it! It's a part of my everyday routine! 🥰" Gail, New Mexico.

"Your moisturizer is amazing." Katrina, Idaho.

“The Tranquil Moisture Creme is a wonderful formula.  I love the calming effect of the lavender scent.  The creme is light enough to use as a daily facial moisturizer, but creamy enough to use all over.  It's especially effective on problem spots like hands, knees and elbows.  I really like the convenience of being able to use one product for everything.  It takes up less room on the bathroom counter and is easy to pack.” Maria, New Mexico


 “Thank you so much for the large sample of the Lavender (Alegre aromablend) shampoo. The scent was just the perfect amount: Not too much but enough to have a whiff of the relaxing lavender. The first time I used the shampoo, I thought the consistency might be a little thin. However, I was wrong! Not a lot of shampoo was needed for a good lather. Because of this, my sample lasted a long time. It also rinsed out nicely. My hair felt soft and not weighed down. This shampoo also worked well on my colored hair. Again, the amount of lavender was perfect and I could catch whiff throughout the day. Good job on this product. It should do well.” Gina, Utah


Radiance Aromablend - Seriously have never had softer and more healthy hair! By far my favorite self care products out there! Sky, Washington State.

Milagro Tierre Clay Facial Masque


Lovely Locks Hair Masque and Shampoo – Radiance

“This is my FAVORITE Mia’s product! It feels great!!” Gail, New Mexico


“I absolutely love the hair masque! It smells great and leaves my hair feeling silky and healthy! Also the shampoo is great! It doesn't feel like it dries out my hair but still cleans it!” Hailey, New Mexico

Extreme Moisture Eye Therapy


Body Spritzer

“The aroma of (Mia’s Extreme Moisture Eye Therapy) crème helps me to sleep at night. The aroma makes me feel safe and supported.” Stacy, New Mexico


“The Tranquil Body Spritzer is perfect when you are facing a stressful day.  This relaxing formulation is like a mini-spa break.  I also like to spray it on my pillow and sheets right before going to bed.  Its soothing fragrance helps me ease into sleep mode.” Maria, New Mexico

Mia's Aromatherapy Pure Essential Oil & Esencia Aromatics Essential Oil Blends


Cotton Soap Saver

Armonia | Balance

“The scent of this (Armonia | Balance) aromatherapy blend reached down and touched my soul. Just what I needed.” Linda, New Mexico

Cedro Rojo | Vitality

"Love the Cedro Rojo." Gil, Idaho.

"Love the Vitality”. Judi, New Hampshire

Interlude | Seductive

“All I can say is WOW!” It is heavenly. Gail, New Mexico

Tranquil | Relax

"Thanks for the package! Loving it!" Sheri, Idaho


 “This cotton soap saver is useful and attractive.  No more dropping the slippery soap in the shower!  I also appreciate being able to use a bar of soap until it's completely gone.  Feels great on your skin.  I've used wash cloths, sponges, and tulle scrubbies.  This soap saver is a much better alternative.” Maria, New Mexico