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Karin Frost-Madrid

  • Teacher’s Licensure for Adult and Secondary Education from Colorado State University
  • Bachelor of Business Administration, New Mexico State University
  • Certified Service Center Director, HDI

    Sky Frost

    I establish the look and feel of multiple interfaces that are oriented toward your customer’s eye.

    Bachelor of Design (Visual Communications), College of Arts and Sciences, University of Washington.


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    Angela Byrd

    Currently, I am employed with the U.S. Forest Service (USFS), Chief Information Office as an Engagement Manager with the Business Liaison Branch. I have never worked with an IT department with the exception of a short temporary promotion as the Branch Chief of our (USFS) IT Customer Help Desk Group. What I do know about IT, excluding what I learned during my Master’s program in Information Systems Management, has been self-taught and I am fondly referred to as the “techy” one both at home and at work.

    It is through tenacity and an unwillingness to give up trying to find the right answer that has led me to this point in life and education. I consider myself a perpetual learner and am always searching for better, more efficient, and effect ways to do whatever I am challenged with.


    Jackie Wilde Sorensen

    After receiving a Bachelor Degree in Psychology from Utah Valley University in 2002, Jackie set out to find her path and passion. Jackie uses a combination of her formal and personal educations to teach others any wisdoms she has been fortunate enough to have flow through her. She currently teaches weekly yoga classes at Camp Rhino Boise and periodically at Sage Yoga and Wellness. She also offers private yoga sessions to those interested in a more in-depth introduction to yoga or those interested in deepening their practice. She is the mother of two soulful boys and is married to a passionate peaceful warrior.