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Like a garden, the health of our body, mind and spirit require constant care and nourishment. Mia's Constant Gardener quarterly newsletter shares information that helps you cultivate techniques for your holistic wellness.

Summer 2019

Photo courtesy of Divine Dizine

 Charlotte Romero

Summer Hair Care Tips
By Charlotte Romero of TNA Salon and Barbershop
Your hair needs TLC during the summer. From conditioners to hair styles, you always want to make sure you take good care of your hair. Keep Reading.
Acazia Gilmore Summer Tea Recipe
By Acazia Gilmore
Tree of Life Integrative Medicine
This is a refreshing team I like to make during the summer months. Keep Reading.
Valerie Smith Tourist in My Own Back Yard By Valerie Smith
I have dreamed about seeing the world. Exotic scenery, exotic people, new experiences, foods and cultures. I want travel to be a part of my life...Keep Reading.

Gail Frost

Healthy Teeth in the Summer By Gail Frost

School will be out for the summer and schedules will soon shift. This means that oral care may get off track. 

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Karin Frost-Madrid

Essential Oil Safety: Bergamot    By Karin Frost-Madrid Mia's Botanicals

Bergamot is a very popular essential oil for uplifting one emotionally, but there are some precautions needed when using this oil. . . 

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Karin Frost-Madrid

Diary of a Former Sun Goddess By Karin Frost-Madrid Mia's Botanicals

Growing up, I spent all of my time in the hot desert sun. Years later, I have some not-so-attractive skin issues. . . 

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Fun in the Sun Photography 

By Sky Frost Divine Dizine

Summertime, the season where so many memories are made. How best to capture them. . . 

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Life Tips for the Summer

By Nika Annon Create Your Bliss

Summer is a complicated time amongst the planets. This is a great time for . . . 

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Spring 2019

Mia's Constant Gardener Spring 2019

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Jessica Dean Planting Seeds for a Fresh New Garden!
By Jessica Dean
Jess Pearl Yoga
As we enter the spring months it can be a lovely time to clean out, purge, begin something anew, and plant new seeds - both literally and metaphorically. Keep Reading.


Charlotte Romero Spring Hair Trends for 2019
By Charlotte Romero of TNA Salon and Barbershop
Are you looking for the new trends coming up this Spring 2019? The colors this spring range from Inky Black to pastel pink. Here are the top spring shades: chestnut brown and golden highlights, ashy gray is the new black, but jet black is still sticking around and what’s spring without...Keep Reading.
Gail Frost The Nose Knows
By Gail Frost
I’m going to take you back to the basics and give you the opportunity to make a simple adjustment for a healthier you! First, think about this question. Are you a mouth breather or a nose breather? Keep Reading.
Acazia Gilmore Spring Support
By Acazia Gilmore
Tree of Life Integrative Medicine

As we emerge from the inward place of winter, spring is a great opportunity for us to begin to expand our energy through creativity and physical movement.

It is the time of year to “rise early with the sun” and take “brisk walks.” Keep Reading.
Karin Frost-Madrid Environmental Impacts of Aromatherapy; How You Can Help By Karin Frost-Madrid of Mia's Botanicals
The world population is experiencing an exciting movement. The search for more natural remedies and preventative support. In our passionate search for aromatherapy wellness support, could we potentially damage our environment? The answer is...Keep Reading.
Karin Frost-Madrid Essential Oil Safety: Oregano By Karin Frost-Madrid of Mia's Botanicals
Oregano essential oil has enjoyed the spot light as of late as a therapeutic support for many different ailments. Potential risks associated with using Oregano essential oils include adverse drug interactions...Keep Reading.

Winter 2018

Photo courtesy of Pexels

Holiday Perspectives By Valerie Smith
Last year for the holidays, I was the Grinch in my own version of the famous story. I grumbled about the interruption of my routines, the hit on my finances (I waited till the last minute to buy presents) and chose terrible gifts. Keep Reading.
Winter Wellness By Acazia Gilmore Tree of Life Integrative Medicine
Winter is just around the corner and although it may already feel like winter in many places, it doesn’t officially begin until December 21st. Winter can be a time when we naturally want to spend more time inside...Keep Reading.
Getting Out in the Cold by Colleen Hogan 
Here in New Mexico’s Southwest desert there is no shortage of sunny days year-round. But wherever you live, shorter and colder days make finding the time and motivation to exercise, indoor or out, challenging. Keep Reading.
To Be NEAT or Not, That is the Question By Karin Frost-Madrid of Mia's Botanicals
I would like to speak briefly about the topical application of essential oils. Essential oils are found in products and carriers as well as in bottles of pure oils. Which is the most effective? The answer may not be what you think...Keep Reading.
Law of Attraction By Jessica Dean Jess Pearl Yoga
As we enter shorter, darker, and colder days it is even more important to take care of our bodies physically, mentally, and spiritually/energetically. I recently saw a post mentioning that there really is no flu “season”, but that we simply don’t care for ourselves like we should be…Keep Reading.
Essential Oil Safety: Clove By Karin Frost-Madrid of Mia's Botanicals 
Clove is a very popular essential oil this time of year. From essential oil blends the festive aroma of the holidays or commonly associated with the four thieves story. Potential risks with using Clove essential oils include...Keep Reading.

Surviving the Holidays - Tips for Good Oral Health
By Gail Frost 

The Holiday Season is upon us! It is the time of the year where we tend to “let ourselves go” and overindulge in the bombardment of holiday foods and drinks. In all the hoopla of celebration, we may not realize the damage that can occur...Keep Reading.

Let Winter Be the Teacher  By Sky Frost Divine Dizine
Winter is an important time in our planetary cycle, as well as our own life cycles, it has a great lesson to teach us. Keep Reading.
Setting Intention: RAS By Nika Annon Create Your Bliss 
Have you ever noticed how when you want something, say you are thinking about buying a red car, suddenly you see them everywhere? Setting an intention is a conscious way of filtering. Keep Reading.

Fall 2018

Antihistamines and Dry Mouth By Gail Frost 
As we roll into the fall season, many of us will soon feel the symptoms of pollen allergies. When the itchy, watery eyes and post nasal drip kick in, we tend to turn towards over-the-counter allergy medications for relief. Antihistamines are a favorite for the successful relief of symptoms. Unfortunately, they may cause dry mouth, otherwise known as xerostomia. Keep Reading.


Be There Now by Jackie Sorensen Holistic Dragonfly
“Be present,” a simple statement. It’s something we hear so often, but what does it really mean and why would we want to do it? The age old tradition and way of life through the eyes of Yoga offers insight into both these questions.
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Autumn Wellness By Acazia Gilmore
Tree of Life Integrative Medicine
Autumn is my favorite season. I love the chilly mornings, the changing of leaves, and of course the pumpkins. It is a time to harvest and store our food for the upcoming winter months, a time to pull inwards, to gather our qi and consolidate. As we move out of the expansive energy of summer and into the gathering phase of the year, we can settle into this season by slowing down, taking more walks, and letting go of anything that we may be holding onto.
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Our Hands - Our Health By Karin Frost-Madrid of Mia's Botanicals
Fall is known as the start of cold and flu season. There are many things that one can do to support our health through this time – including washing your hands. Did you know that there is a right and a wrong way to wash your hands?
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Stumbling Blocks By Nika Annon Create Your Bliss
I realized how many of us have stumbling blocks, generational stumbling blocks . energies we work around that are too difficult to move as we have been told. Keep Reading.
Essential Oil Safety: Eucalyptus By Karin Frost-Madrid of Mia's Botanicals 
Eucalyptus is a very popular and widely used essential oil, especially during the colder seasons. This is a common name that is easily recognized. Did you know that there are at least 13 species of Eucalyptus? Keep Reading.
Preparing for Fall Through Therapeutic Body Work By Jessica Dean Jess Pearl Yoga
As we complete the fiery season of summer, we enter the beginnings of a more reflective, nourishing, and calming fall and winter. One way to help the body find balance and healing is through therapeutic bodywork, or therapeutic massage. Keep Reading.

Summer 2018

Introduction to Aromatherapy By Karin Frost-Madrid of Mia's Botanicals
The summer season is a great time to enjoy the sweet fragrance of flowers, the earthy smells of the forest and herbaceous aroma of grass in the warm sunlight. All plants give off some sort of scent, no matter how faint. Keep Reading.


Summer Tips from a Chinese Medicine Perspective By Acazia Gilmore Tree of Life Integrative Medicine
Chinese Medicine teaches that our internal environment relates to the elements in nature: fire, earth, metal, water and wood. Keep Reading.
Protecting Yourself During Times of Change By Nika Annon Create Your Bliss
How to protect yourself, your emotions, and psycho-spiritual being during times of change:
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Oral Health and What It Says About You By Gail Frost 
Do you ever wonder if that little sting on your tooth is a big deal? Or if the bad breath is just from what you ate? There are many signs in our mouths that we may tend to ignore and shouldn’t. Keep Reading.
Essential Oil Safety  By Karin Frost-Madrid of Mia's Botanicals
Essential oils are a great addition to our overall wellness routine. Keep Reading.
Summer Hair Care By Charlotte Romero of TNA Salon and Barbershop
We all know summer sun is harmful to our skin, but have you thought about what the sun does to your hair? Keep Reading.
Overcommitted: Balancing Being and Doing in A World That Values Busyness by Renee Millman
We seldom if ever hear anyone brag about how no one is blowing up their phone, how few emails they get, or about how they have an abundance of solitude. Such proclamations would be met with sharp judgment from those whose identities are propped up on demanding schedules.
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