Where the Heart Leads, The Body Follows

January 29, 2020

Where the Heart Leads, The Body Follows

Much research has been done around the connection between emotions and physical health. It is known that there is a constant conversation between our emotions and brain. The belief that emotions affect our health is key to a holistic view of one’s wellbeing. This is important to note because,”the quality of the emotional signal the heart sends to the brain determines what kind of chemicals are released into our bodies.”[i]


Negative emotions turn to stress which increases cortisol and adrenaline into our bloodstream giving us seemingly super-human strength allowing us to engage in fight or flight mode, our most primal instinct. While this is great for the short term, it is horrible for the long term as it reduces the release of vital chemicals associated with the immune system and growth. Chronic stress, hypertension, digestive disorders, weakened immune system, and memory loss are some consequences of poorly managed emotions.


Expressing one’s true feelings is vital to health and wellbeing. Additional tips to managing your feelings are: balancing work and family life; learning to be resilient; and calming your mind and body.


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