Amazing Aloe for Skin

June 25, 2017

Amazing Aloe for Skin

The history of aloe vera dates back to thousands of years ago, Greeks regarded aloe vera as the universal panacea and the Egyptians called it as the plant of immortality.1

Did you know that aloe vera is great for supporting healthy skin?

Acne affects most of the teenagers, it may even continue into your adulthood.2 

Aloe vera:

  • helps treat psoriasis.3
  • known for its skin soothing property.4
  • has been proven that aloe vera gel has anti-aging properties.5

Most of Mia’s Botanicals aromatherapy face and skin care products contain aloe vera to support healthy skin.  This includes the largest selection of aromatherapy personal care for men. Check out the ingredient tab on our product deck for more information.

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Photo by Daniel Hansen on Unsplash


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