Lily Pad Hand-Forged Aromatherapy Diffuser

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This unique hand-forged aromatherapy diffuser is sturdy and balanced in a durable black-smith finish. Comes with a tea light candle to support your aromatherapy diffusing pleasures. Waterless Diffusing. Great with Mia's Esencia Aromatics Essential Oil Blends.

Approximate size: 4 1/2" height X 4" wide X 6 1/2" deep

Custom hand-forged by Imagination Fabrication of New Mexico for Mia's Botanicals


Add 8-10 drops of Mia’s aromatherapy oils in the dish on top of the diffuser. Enjoy the aroma of our unique blends. 

Do not leave diffuser unattended. Keep out of the reach of children.


Hand-forged metal with durable blacksmith finish.